The Clipboard: Edition I, Volume 2

"A semester in review:

We would like to welcome the Iron Class into the circle of Rho Pi Phi. It has been quite the journey for these 18 pledges, but we are excited to see their growth and leadership in upholding our values. Thank you all for...."

The Clipboard: Edition I, Volume 1

"Recap of October - December 2013:

Fundraising Week: we raised $1800, International Dinner: Delicious and popular as ever, Professional Affairs: Drug Take Back Day and Safe Trick-or-Treating..."

Rope Links: Volume V, Issue 2

"Rendevous Under the Stars:

With over 120 brothers and their guests in attendance. Rho Pi Phi held its 14th annual spring formal at Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa in Sacramento. The theme of the night was 'Rendezvous under the Stars,' to signify the coming together of all our brothers—from different chapters, classes, and backgrounds—not to mention..."

Rope Links: Volume V, Issue 1

"A warm welcome for the new year:

Hello, brothers and alumni! The Lambda Sigma Delta Chapter of Rho Pi Phi would like to extend a season. This Fall 2012 semester has been one of growth and development for our chapter and our fraternity as a whole. In all of our initiatives and we have together – ropes that tie us together, brothers, and welcome the new year with the same..."

Rope Links(2011): Issue 1

"September has already flown by, and we are well into our Fall semester of 2011!! This year holds great opportunities for all of us, exciting new events, and many great things to look forward to! The Brothers of Rho Pi Phi have reunited after the summer holiday, welcoming our newly advanced First Years into their first ta..."

Rope Links: Volume IV, Issue 1

"Into the woods:

Everyone returned to Stockton in the midst of the sultry August heat in high spirits and anticipation to start the new semester. But before any real studying or work needed to be done, some of the brothers headed into the woods for a weekend camping trip..."

Rope Links: Volume III, Issue 2

"Summer fun in Stockton!

It is absolutely ridiculous how fast time flies by! This summer semester for those of us in pharm school was definitely busy, but we treasured our time in Rho Pi Phi and had tons of fun nonetheless. Nearly every week had us bonding over various socials and professional events… all of which..."

Rope Links: Volume III, Issue 1

"A year in review:

As you can tell from the sheer length of this massive document, this is no typical Rope Links Newsletter. Rather, it is a hefty 50-page “yearbook” of sorts, documenting all of our fun times and many memories made over the course of the 2007-2008 school year. It commemorates a year’s worth of accomplishments, celebrations, the induction of a new class..."

Rope Links

Rope Links is the official Rho Pi Phi newsletter that features what the fraternity has accomplished over the course of each semester.

The Clipboard

The Clipboard is a more frequently updated Rho Pi Phi publication that provides a brief summary of current events and news about the fraternity.